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Hi! So good of you to check out my photography website about the Vision and my work as a photographer. I am Rudolfo Dalamicio, born in the year 1984 and started my quest to become a Visionair around 2005. I then started my first online business and since then I have been growing the company, growing myself and growing my passion for Photography.

Rudolfo Dalamicio | The alias of Ruud Scholten. Because I come from The Netherlands, we are known for our difficult language. Because my name is very hard to pronounce for foreigners, I took the name my father used in bed-time stories about me and my brother when I was a little boy. Rudolfo Dalamicio. It has a much nicer ring to it and its easy to pronounce.

Since 2015 I got fully hooked on Nature and Landscape Photography, the 2 subject you will find in my work quite often. I went to Tanzania and there I fell in love with the Animals, the world of Africa and I learned how to shoot with a professional camera and professional lenses from Canon.

I want to thank you for coming to check out my website. If you want to stay updated on my latest work, get interesting for-everybody-to-use free information on basic photography or want to follow my story, please sign up on the blog feed here:



Rudolfo Dalamicio

Rudolfo Dalamicio
Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
— Jonathan Swift
At work

Working from paradise

After making the pictures, I do some editing in LR adobe. Love that.