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Hi! So good of you to check out my photography website about the Vision and my work as a photographer. I am Rudolfo Dalamicio, born in the year 1984 and started my quest to become a Visionair around 2005. I then started my first online business and ever since that day I have been growing the company, growing myself and growing my passion for Photography.

Rudolfo Dalamicio | The alias of Ruud Scholten. Because I come from The Netherlands, we are known for our difficult language. My name is rather hard to pronounce for foreigners, so I took the name my father used for me and my brother during bed-time stories about us when I was a little boy. Rudolfo Dalamicio. It has a much nicer ring to it and it’s easy to pronounce.

Since 2015 I got fully hooked on Nature and Landscape Photography, the 2 subject you will find in my work quite often. I went to Tanzania and there I fell in love with the Animals, the world of Africa and I learned how to shoot with a professional camera and professional lenses from Canon.

Nowadays I also like Architectural Photography as well as cityscapes.

I want to thank you for coming to check out my website. If you want to stay updated on my latest work, get interesting for-everybody-to-use free information on basic photography or want to follow my story, please sign up on the blog feed here:


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Rudolfo Dalamicio

Summer of 2019, in front of my office TS24

Summer of 2019, in front of my office TS24

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.
— Jonathan Swift
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Working from paradise

After making the pictures, I do some editing in LR adobe. Love that.