Ready for lift off! / by Rudolfo Dalamicio

Hi there from the East of Europe, Ukraine! I welcome you all to my portfolio website and I hope you are able to take the time and have a look at my pictures, shot since 2015.

Since 2015 it has been quite an interesting development, starting shooting images in Tanzania with a canon D1000 camera, not full-frame, having no lenses, equipment, knowledge of photography or what so ever..

A lot can change in 2 years time, as I now own a canon mark III 5D with 3 different lenses, some cool equipment and 4 battery's ( yes worth mentioning cause of the many time I was standing at beautiful places with no battery - left in the charger, or empty battery's). I started to teach myself how to use Lightroom by Adobe, a must-have for every self-respecting photographer to make your images translate the feeling from the original image to the image you have in mind when shooting.

Also since my trip to Tanzania, I understood this was to become my new 'hobby'. Photography is not only about the picture, its about the traveling, the nature, the city's and eventually of course the people that you meet. These things are incredibly important, and I am sure that without photography as 1 of my main motivations, I would still be locking myself up in an office for 8-10 hours a day.

Since 2016 I have decided to live the life of a (digital)nomad, witch means running my company remotely from my laptop and having no permanent residence anymore. I since then have visited:

  1. Belgium

  2. Germany

  3. France

  4. Spain

  5. Portugal

  6. Italy

  7. Ukraine

  8. China

  9. Azores

  10. Thailand

  11. Nepal

  12. Indonesia; Bali

  13. Malaysia

  14. Myanmar

  15. India

  16. Sri Lanka

The list is quite long already, but I am 100% convinced it won't stop here..


I have recently updated my list:

  1. Oostenrijk

  2. Zwitserland

  3. Spanje: Mallorca/ Ibiza/gran canaria

  4. Andorra

  5. Portugal/ azoren

  6. Gibraltar

  7. Tunesië

  8. Marokko

  9. Engeland

  10. Finland

  11. Zweden

  12. Denemarken

  13. Ukraine

  14. China

  15. Hongkong

  16. Macau

  17. Tanzania

  18. België

  19. Luxemburg

  20. Duitsland

  21. Frankrijk

  22. Polen

  23. Letland

  24. Italie

  25. Thailand

  26. Maleisië

  27. Myanmar

  28. Sri Lanka

  29. India

  30. Nepal

  31. Tsjechië 

  32. Indonesië/ Bali

  33. Estonia

  34. Griekenland

  35. Cyprus

  36. Turkije

  37. Nederland